Look SOUTH OF DALLAS for Incredible Housing Deals: Loading Up the Party Bus for Waxahachie!

Realtors, 3100 Monticello Avenue, at 2:45 pm, there are only 10 seats left… It wasn’t too long ago that Jon Anderson and I joked about how expensive Dallas housing was getting — he having a home in Honolulu, me having kids in the Bay area. Pretty soon, we said, affordable housing for Dallas will be found in Waxahachie.

We were not joking!

Take a gander at 140 Brookbend Drive and you will see why, if they can swing the one hour or so commute (or work from home), millennials are looking not to South Dallas but south OF Dallas to find generous homes, spacious lots. They are also looking and buying southwest, to Midlothain, Venus and Cleburne. Waxahachie is an historical little town nestled along Interstate 35!
Facts, you say, give us some facts.

How about 1.2 acres, 4600 square feet, mature trees everywhere, English gardens with waterfalls, ponds, little brick pathways hither and thither, inlaid art deco tiles, a stunning state of the art family home with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, an Artists’ studio (detached), a Greenhouse, and a workshop. How about a built-in redwood sauna?
Check. If I told you that this could all be yours for $850,000, would you think I’m lying? Would you think I was pulling your turkey leg?
140 Brookbend Drive, listed with Dallas City Center’s Chris Brownfield, is listed for $850,000. That’s about $187 per square feet.

This spacious and stunning home, says the agent, is filled with features so unique, you will immediately fall in love with the property. In addition to the large main house with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, there are three exterior buildings including an Artist’s Studio, a Greenhouse, and a Workshop. This eclectic home has been featured in numerous magazines for it’s unique and architecturally historical interior, as well as its lush botanical gardens.
Exclusion: White Metal Gazebo in backyard, that’s it — it’s so pretty!

Candy Evans

Candy Evans

Candy's Dirt

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